Tricking Your Friends into Watching “Grace and Frankie”

Team. I feel like the world’s biggest failure. For months I have fervently counted down the days until the “Grace and Frankie” season five premiere. I had it on every calendar, checked news on a regular basis. I was so excited to write a blog post about my favorite episodes.

And then.

And then.

And then.

The worst happened. Yours Truly was struck down by a double ear infection the week of the premiere, spent the entire weekend drugged up and eating miso soup, and didn’t even finish my re-watch of the past seasons until a week AFTER the new season came out.


You’re all giving me this look, aren’t you?

Anywho. To make it up to you, I’m bringing you this blog post almost two weeks after the premiere with a twist. This week’s post is about choosing the best episode to introduce your friends to “Grace and Frankie.”

Seriously, this is a necessity. Hear me out.

Dom refuses to watch shows that I like. It might be because he’s sexist, or it might be because at the start of our marriage I dragged him to a series of truly awful scary movies over the course of several months and lost my cinematic selection privileges 4 lyfe. (You can only tell your spouse “I promise, THIS ONE will be good” so many times before they stop believing you)

The point is, when I stumble upon shows that are sheer genius and I know he will enjoy (lookin’ at you, “The Night Manager”), I have to trick him into watching an episode or two to convert him. He can’t know that I’m doing it. Normally, I pick an episode that I think will catch his attention, wait until he’s almost home from work, and put it on. Then it’s on in the background while he bustles around and oh did you hear that funny joke?

My success rate is about 50%. Which is better than I expected at this point, tbh. I should probably try a new tactic.

So the other day we made a deal. The deal itself is unimportant and what I did was definitely legal and you shouldn’t question it at all, but what I got in return was his undivided attention for an entire episode of “Grace and Frankie.”

Then I was confronted with the real problem: which episode to choose.

I only had thirty minutes to make my decision. I polled the Horsemen and consulted the Google and then realized that NO SUCH ARTICLE EXISTS. At least none that were helpful. WHERE ARE YOU IN MY HOUR OF NEED, BUZZFEED??

So, dear readers, should you find yourself in my shoes, look no further! For I present to you: the best episodes of “Grace and Frankie” to hook the casual viewer (in no particular order except chronological).

The Elevator

Season 1, Episode 10

Grace, Frankie, Sol, Robert, and Bud stuck on an elevator together. Bud’s panic attack makes them all remember his last panic attack, five years prior on Labor Day.

Why it’s a good one: we see the backstory of all the families. It’s a good introduction to the characters without being overwhelming, you clearly see how they’re all connected and you see the major players.

We also see Grace and Frankie at their extremes. Frankie cares so much about Mallory being pregnant and Grace cares more about sticking to their food schedule than spending quality time with anyone.

But the dynamic of Robert and Sol trying to tell Grace and Frankie that they’re gay, the shock of seeing Coyote and Mitch being BFFs (doing drugs together!), and Brianna and Bud’s banter at an earlier time in their careers made the episode hysterical.

The Secrets

Season 1, Episode 11

Not gonna lie, I almost wrote this one off as a contender. Thank goodness I didn’t, this was the one I used to convince Dom that “Grace and Frankie” is the best show ever. The ex-con (sorry, rehabilitated former offender) that kissed Grace shows back up and they do the deed one more time. Just kidding, they only kiss. But Grace is dating Guy!

Grace and Frankie have their first real “are we friends? I think we are!” moment, it’s super cute. Frankie makes tea, they discuss details. Then Frankie does Frankie and spills the beans to Sol, who tells Robert, which sets off a whole heated argument that no one could have predicted would have started with Grace kissing a rehabilitated former offender.

It’s cute, it’s funny. There were moments when Dom laughed at things I didn’t find laugh-worthy, so that was a bonus.

THE REAL REASON THIS EPISODE SHOULD BE ON THE LIST: Brianna and Barry go to the movies and run into Coyote and Bud. “Can you spell it? Do you want to try?” Probably one of my top five favorite funny moments in the show.

The Sign

Season 3, Episode 13

This blog post is getting long so instead of going back and editing it like a normal person, I’m just going to write less for these last few.

Sol taking on homophobic protestors! “The best bagels in town are baked by a bigot!” Followed by Robert throwing his drink in the man’s face so that he can be arrested too, I mean, come on. You can’t write this stuff (except they literally did and it was great). Frankie responds to family and friends’ concerns about her health with wit and sarcasm, and she finally gets her sign, which is awesome.

The Lodger/The Scavengender

Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2

Coincidentally, these two episodes take place right after The Sign, so feel free to distract your friend when the first episode ends and just keep watching! Frankie comes back from Sante Fe and is upset that Grace is so close with Phoebe Buffay, currently renamed Sheree. Phoebe/Sheree is hilarious, Frankie’s sleuthing is spectacular, Brianna and Frankie hang out, and then they all participate in the world’s worst scavenger hunt to cut into a purple cake. Again, everyone is in one place so it’s easy to deduce relationships. This episode really brings out the best/funniest characteristics in each character.

The Lockdown

Season 4, Episode 8

This one might actually take the cake. Grace can’t drink and we find out Robert has previously identified the three stages of non-drinking Grace (cruelty and euphoria and hilarity). Robert and Sol’s neighbor Jo comes over to find out why her husband (Oliver) doesn’t want to hang out with them anymore, Oliver storms over, she and Sol find out that Oliver is mad because Robert thinks he’s gay, and then suddenly they’re all locked in the same room together because a bear is on the loose.

Yes, Frankie knows the bear and she is concerned about his well-being. Oh and Allison goes into labor and Frankie is supposed to be there to deliver it, but she can’t come because of the bear lockdown. Probably the best option on this list to trick someone into watching, if I’m being honest.

And that’s a wrap. Hopefully, you all surround yourselves with only positive people who already watch and love “Grace and Frankie” but in case you’re like me and have TOXIC INDIVIDUALS in your life who need converting, here is the key to making it happen.

And finally, I leave you with this:



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