Rave – Isn’t It Romantic

TEAMMMM. We need to talk about Isn’t It Romantic. First of all, I just realized this is the blog’s first Rave! So let’s start with a description.

Rants and Raves are different than Reviews. Reviews typically involve some description or background info, and then my impressions and thoughts. They’re also usually edited (usually). Think: things you would submit to a newspaper or professor or other not-colloquial things.

Rants and Raves are different. They’re visceral, OHMYGOD reactions that will come almost immediately after reading or watching something. They’re I-need-to-tell-the-world-about-this-immediately kinds of things, with minimal (read: zero) editing and little thought about organization or goals.

Up to speed? Great. Let’s talk about Isn’t It Romantic.

So Dom and I watch a lot of movies. It’s a perk to being semi-stable adults (legally) with minions instead of children. Our interests generally overlap, but there are some areas where we have to make sacrifices. Dom can take or leave horror/scary movies, and I’ve mentioned before that I made a rash of terrible scary movies decisions at the beginning of our marriage that have haunted me. He also likes a certain kind of movie that I have zero interest in. I don’t know how to describe that kind of movie other than to tell you that I am DREADING having to see The Lego Movie 2 when he gets back.

Anyway. He’ll see most movies with me, but usually not romcoms. I mean, if I really want him to go, he will, but I have no problem seeing movies by myself and I prefer to leverage his willingness for other genres (read: demon movies. I’m sure we’ll talk about that later).

So, he’s out of town for a few weeks and since it’s the Valentine’s Day season I thought it was the perfect time to go see some Romantic Comedies (should that be capitalized? No idea and I don’t have time to check, this is a Rave).

Walking into the movie, I knew nothing about it except that it stars Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, and Adam Devine. Seriously. I saw they were in it and decided it would be worth my time without watching the trailer.

So the movies starts and we learn that when Rebel Wilson was a kid, she loved watching romcoms, and her mom told her that real life isn’t like that and people like them wouldn’t have fairy tale lives. And then we learn that adult Rebel Wilson is a gainfully employed architect with an assistant, so by my definition she’s successful, but she’s a pushover. She doesn’t really value herself. And she definitely doesn’t realize her BFF Adam Devine likes her.

Cue Rebel Wilson getting hit on the head and waking up in an alternate reality where she’s the star of a romcom. And the movie turns into a romcom parody.

Around that time I was like, oh…I should have watched What Men Want instead. There were some funny parts (particularly highlighting the role of the gay best friend whose only function in the movie is to support the main character, the creators get a standing O for that one) but I thought it was a bit predictable.

And then something happened and I thought “oh that’s fucking hilarious” and then a minute later “that’s fucking hilarious” and then a few minutes later “THIS IS FUCKING HILARIOUS.”

Guys. This movie is 100% worth it. Was it predictable? Yes and no. Plotwise, the movie tells you what’s going to happen right at the beginning. But the way the characters get there is surprising, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth are charming (and beguiling, wink wink), and Rebel Wilson’s charisma and personality make it quite a fun ride to take.

So there I am, thinking about how they made this romcom parody and it’s actually funny. And for awhile I thought it was trying to be a good post-#MeToo movie and missing the mark, and then it took a turn and I was like YASSS YASSSS and texting my friends with my phone in my backpack (because yes, I had a backpack today and totally looked like my Pokémon Trainer avatar) telling them to see it, and I was perfectly content with it.

And then. It happened. Somehow this movie that basically poked fun at romcoms for its entirety and made me laugh the whole way ALSO managed to give me those feel-good OHMYGOD I’M GOING TO CRY emotional waves and did it better than any romcom I’ve seen in recent memory.

So you heard it here first (just kidding, I’m pretty sure there are 100 other blogs saying this) GO SEE Isn’t It Romantic.


Gay best friend – drawing attention to the stereotype of the gay best friend whose only purpose is to include a gay friend. “I’m pretty sure Donny just set gay rights back 100 years” and “oh do you expect all gay men to talk like this?

PG13 nature – Rebel Wilson tries so hard to do things like cuss and have sex and the movie won’t let her.

Parodies of the actors – in addition to making fun of romcoms, the movie also pokes fun at us and what we know about the actors. There’s a bit about Rebel Wilson’s character hating to sing karaoke (made even funnier because it involves her Pitch Perfect co-star, Adam Devine), and a thing about Liam Hemsworth accent.

Seriously. This movie found the perfect balance between making fun of things and making a quality movie. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it also doesn’t make fun of us for seeing a Romantic Comedy in the first place.

GO SEE IT!!!!!

I just typed this from my car in the movie parking lot and now I’m going to post this without even going home to re-read it. I’ll def regret that later.

I feel like I should include a picture. So here’s one I took of the menu at the movie theater to show Dom that they updated their drink selections. You’re welcome. (I got the Chocolate Covered Cherry and it was even more delicious than it sounds)


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