Meet The Pets of The Place Between

Good morning all!

This blog is approximately three (three!) months old. Now that we’ve settled into a groove, it seems like the appropriate time to introduce you to some of the forces behind the blog.

Today, Minion #3 (henceforth known as M3) turns TWO! In honor of her birthday, here are some of my favorite pictures of the Minion Collective.


The birthday girl! Her older siblings have most of the jobs in the house handled, but M3 has proven to be our expert stink bug hunter. She has successfully eradicated every stink bug that dared to enter our house, without making them stink. I don’t ask questions.


M1, the original. She and I were partners-in-crime before Dom and I got married. She’s picky about people, prefers women over men, and will occasionally deign to let people pet her. She’s a one-human cat, but she’s accepted Dom as a suitable back-up.


M2! Our most social minion. The resident greeter and habitual lap seeker. Here, he is demonstrating one of the hazards of working from home: no matter the seat, your cat will always snipe it when you go for food.


M3 again. She takes skittish to a whole new level. The first 7 months of her life were turbulent. It took her awhile to trust us, but we’re finally there. She’s the sweetest creature you’ll ever meet. This photo was snapped when she was reminding me to interrupt my workday for a cuddle break.


M2 (left) and M1 (right). M1 is ridiculously intuitive. Recently, Dom took a three-week trip. I took this picture a few hours before he came home. Whatever I was doing around the house tipped off M1 and she realized he was returning. M2 is not intuitive, but after four years of cohabitation, he’s learned to follow M1’s lead.


M2, M3, and M1, watching M3’s first snow together.


Surprise, M4! He’s a gecko. He doesn’t get many photo ops. This was taken after he won family game night.

In honor of M3’s birthday, give all your furry creatures extra pets (and let your cold-blooded creatures win a game or two). Spam me with pictures of the minions in your life!


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