Motivational Monday – Apr 01


I originally had a different post planned, and then over the weekend I received/found all sorts of fun things so I delayed the post and then all sorts of fun April Fools’ Day content popped up. So thank you for your patience, here is your Motivational Monday, April Fools’ Edition!

  • Apparently there’s a viral challenge happening in China called the “Four Generations Challenge” in which the member of one generation calls the next one to come in and this video is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen human beings do without animals.
  • I can even describe what’s happening in this video, just trust me and watch it (it’s short!) (it’s actually a vine, I think)
  • This April Fools’ Joke:

Image may contain: text

Hopefully this helps you bring in April with a bang!


(Psst! Do you have a good Motivational Monday contribution? Link it in the comments, or send it via the Contact page. I’ll credit you, and link your blog or your Myspace or your Live Journal or whatever.)

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