Motivational Monday – Feb 25

Happy Monday! Mondays suck, here we post things to make you feel better. Anddd break: Here's a very considerate dog who comforts her friend And an adorable floof kitten video This difficult-to-describe painting situation that happened on Reddit Andddd this Santa-dog Just watch it on repeat. Keep watching. Don't stop until Friday. -M (Psst! Do you … Continue reading Motivational Monday – Feb 25

Motivational Monday – Feb 18

Morning everyone! As you know by now, we at The Place Between are doing our best to stave off the terribleness of Mondays. To help you start your week with joy and happiness and cuteness and generally things that are not-terrible, we'll give you a Motivational Monday post every week. Let's jump right in: The … Continue reading Motivational Monday – Feb 18

Motivational Monday – Feb 11

Good morning Place Betweeners! Is it just me, or was last week the worst thing that has ever happened? In an attempt to ward off last week's evil, I'm making this week's Motivational Monday post extra saturated with cuteness and hilarity. This Baltimore elementary school replaced detention with meditation and had zero suspensions for the … Continue reading Motivational Monday – Feb 11