An Adult’s Appreciation for Boy Meets World (Season 1!)

It's a truth universally acknowledged that the first couple seasons of Boy Meets World are much more episodic and juvenile than the later seasons. That's not an issue; the first season takes place when Cory and Shawn are in 6th grade. In a way, the earlier, sheltered seasons reflect where the boys are in life. 

Motivational Monday – Mar 25

C and I got back from Ireland a few days ago, so I need this Motivational Monday even more than usual. Jumping right in!   Here's a video of a beagle and a baby possum being best friends. This Instagram post of a family celebrating their golden retriever's "gotcha" day contains this cutest pics and video … Continue reading Motivational Monday – Mar 25

Motivational Monday – Mar 18

Happy Monday! Ready to be cheered up? If you don't like cat pictures, you're reading the wrong blog Have a great week, all! -M (Psst! Do you have a good Motivational Monday contribution? Link it in the comments, or send it via the Contact page. I'll credit you, and link your blog or your … Continue reading Motivational Monday – Mar 18

Revisiting Ruth White’s Belle Prater’s Boy

Do you ever re-read books from your childhood and think "wow, this is a seriously weird book"? I recently went through a phase where I re-read books that I loved when I was younger. Aside from the fact that they seem so much shorter now, the subject matter of most them surprised me. A few … Continue reading Revisiting Ruth White’s Belle Prater’s Boy