Rave – Captain Marvel

Because when Brie Larson says "I've been fighting with one arm tied behind my back - what happens when I'm finally set free" she's not just speaking for herself. She's speaking for every woman who has limited herself, who has held back, who has tried so hard and been limited because of societal expectations. And when she starts kicking ass, she's not just doing it for herself. 

Motivational Monday – Mar 04

Happy First Monday of March! If you don't know what this blog post is, start at the beginning and find out! For the rest of you, let's dig right in: This lovely tale of how a Muslim man is treated by his Jewish coworker. This kitten waiting for food will be the cutest thing you … Continue reading Motivational Monday – Mar 04

Motivational Monday – Feb 11

Good morning Place Betweeners! Is it just me, or was last week the worst thing that has ever happened? In an attempt to ward off last week's evil, I'm making this week's Motivational Monday post extra saturated with cuteness and hilarity. This Baltimore elementary school replaced detention with meditation and had zero suspensions for the … Continue reading Motivational Monday – Feb 11

Spider-Man Trailer! This Is Not A Drill!

SPIDERMANNNN, SPIDERMANNN, DOES WHATEVER A SPIDERRR CANNNN After Tom Holland teased us with two separate tweets this week, Sony and Marvel released the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home! Happy flirts with Aunt May (who now knows Peter is Spider-Man?? #EndGameSpoiler??), Jake Gyllenhaal does Jake Gyllenhaal things (with green gas, and symbols that look like … Continue reading Spider-Man Trailer! This Is Not A Drill!