Rave – Captain Marvel



(This is a reminder that Rants and Raves have no organization, so expect this to be all over the place)

I’m not gonna lie, I had concerns. I didn’t love the trailers. When the social media embargo lifted people said they loved it but no one was specific about why.

Then the movie opened and we see Brie Larson in her suit and guess what? HER BOOBS WEREN’T HANGING OUT. Hey, ask me about the shape of her body and how much skin was showing and how sexual they made her *pretends like someone asked that weirdly phrased question* I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE IT WAS A FUCKING SUIT. It was a SUIT and it was designed for FUNCTION and not to make you sexually attracted to her and that’s the first time tears welled up in my eyes (but not the last).

Remember that time men complained that Brie Larson didn’t smile enough in the trailers and she photoshopped smiles on the faces of male Marvel heroes? There’s a moment in the movie when a dude tells her to smile and now the aforementioned complaints/photoshopping seem even funnier.

Oh yeah, the movie was set in 1995, so there was some awesome nostalgic value to seeing Blockbuster and dial-up internet and payphones. We spotted Hook on the shelves of Blockbuster and saw a Babe poster on the wall and that was fun. Phrases like “state of the art two-way pager” got laughs from our sold out theater.

For fellow MCU fans, Dom pointed out a plane that looked like a precursor to the quinjet and later it’s referred to as the quadjet. Nick Fury mentioned Budapest and it’s probably not related to Black Widow and Hawkeye’s Budapest story but if Marvel keeps teasing me with that and doesn’t deliver I’m probably gonna explode.

Okay great, now that all that is out of the way, let’s get back to the real reason you’re here.

You know how Wonder Woman is the story of a badass woman who has always been badass? (And there’s no doubt that was a movie we all needed to watch) Well, Captain Marvel is about a woman who was constantly told she wasn’t good enough. And kept working hard and getting back up and then failing again. And being told she wasn’t good enough. And trying again. And when we get to the moment where Captain Marvel steps into her own, it felt like my own personal triumph.

Every woman who was ever told she wasn’t good enough. Every woman who was told not to drive a go-kart too fast because she’s a girl, not to play sports because she’s a girl, not to climb that rope because she’s a girl. Who was told not to cry because “it shows weakness” but we know that it’s because men can’t handle women crying. Every woman with these experiences NEEDS to see this movie.

Because when Brie Larson says “I’ve been fighting with one arm tied behind my back – what happens when I’m finally set free?” she’s not just speaking for herself. She’s speaking for every woman who has limited herself, who has held back, who has tried so hard and been limited because of societal expectations. And when she starts kicking ass, she’s not just doing it for herself.

Other Things I Loved:

  • At one point of time, she has to start fighting when she’s barefoot. And not in a “omg she’s so badass doing these things barefoot” kind of way – in a “she didn’t have time to put on her shoes” kind of way. Watching her run around barefoot for a minute…y’all. You wouldn’t see that in a Thor movie, right? Because what would be the point? But everyone knows (or IS) a woman who randomly does things barefoot. I felt that.
  • FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS. I can’t, you guys, I just can’t. Her friend Maria (who, btw, is a black single mom raising an awesome daughter)…some of their moments together just made me want to hug my friends. They’re both tough as nails and badass as hell. But they FEEL. They’re tough, but they have emotions, and sometimes they get teary and that doesn’t detract from their awesomeness, it adds to it.
  • The thing I’m trying to say is that there are details to this movie that wouldn’t be in a movie with a male superhero (Ironman and Captain America get emotional sometimes, yes, but I can’t recall seeing them teary) and they did it without pandering to us.

Also team, I feel very confident that Marvel totally trolled us. They gave us those trailers knowing that we would all leap to certain conclusions. And they’ve been relatively quiet about this movie and there’s a reason: the best defense to this movie is letting it speak for itself. Draw your own conclusions.

P.S. did you wonder what would prompt the change in the colors on her suit? Well, what if I told you that her best friend’s daughter helped with that? SERIOUSLY GO SEE THIS MOVIE. (Monica telling her mom that giving up the chance to do something dangerous and life-changing so that she could sit on the couch with her daughter and watch Fresh Prince was definitely a highlight)

Expect to walk out of this movie singing “Waterfalls” by TLC.

Oh, and in case this isn’t enough for you on International Women’s Day, here’s a tweet from Patty Jenkins (director of Wonder Woman):

Happy Friday!


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